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Reliable, Quick Heating Oil Delivery

Many homes and businesses require heating oil year round for various different reasons. At Sauder Fuel, we provide this steady heating oil delivery in Lancaster, Lebanon and Berks counties. The Sauder Fuel team always has trucks on the road, serving customers with reliable heating oil delivery throughout the year. When you choose Sauder Fuel, you don’t have to worry about heating oil availability. Our trucks are out, no matter the road conditions. For added peace of mind, take advantage of our automatic refill program that anticipates and meets your needs well before you get into dangerously low reserves. Our fuel contains additives that keep your equipment running at peak performance. Whether it’s refueling the tanks that run your equipment or heating your greenhouse, Sauder Fuel has you covered. Sauder Fuel additives:

  • Improves combustion performance and efficiency or mileage
  • Cleans injectors and fuel lines
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Improves fuel flow in cold weather
  • Stabilizes fuel
  • Inhibits rust in fuel tank
  • Increases cetane and octane
  • Disperses water in fuel system
  • Reduces soot and smoke
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Sauder Fuel Heating Oil
Sauder Fuel Automatic Refill

Automatic Refill

With automatic refill, you never have to worry about running out or having to schedule a delivery. We monitor your consumption, topping off and refilling as necessary, ensuring that you have the fuel you need.