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Diesel Deliveries to Keep You Moving Forward

Keeping your fleet full has never been easier.

Reliable Diesel Deliveries from Sauder Fuel

You rely on your diesel supply to meet the needs of your business. With on-road and off-road diesel deliveries from Sauder Fuel, you’ll have a partner you can trust to keep your business running smoothly.

We have three delivery options to fit your needs

Automatic Deliveries

Cross managing your diesel supply off of your list of things to think about! With automatic deliveries, Sauder Fuel will track your usage and automatically make a delivery when you need one.

Will Call Deliveries

If you like to keep track & manage your own deliveries, give us a call, or place an order online, when you’re getting low, and we’ll get you on the schedule.

Emergency Deliveries

If you use more diesel than you were expecting, and run out, Sauder Fuel provides emergency deliveries year-round to make sure you’re never left without the supply you need.

Always Having The Diesel You Need Is Simple

Place Your Order

Give us a call to order your next diesel delivery, or order online. The choice is yours!

Receive Your Delivery

One of our friendly drivers will make your diesel delivery.

Have Peace of Mind

With automatic deliveries; know you’ll always have the diesel you need.

Diesel Delivery That Fits Your Needs

  1. Off-road diesel is the type of fuel used to power generators, farm tractors, construction equipment and other heavy-duty machines. The distinguishing characteristic of off-road diesel is its red color.
  2. On-road diesel is the type of fuel used in large trucks and machinery you see on the road, transporting goods or services.

If you have any questions about diesel fuel, call our office today. We are happy to help you!

Sauder Fuel Has Been Delivering Diesel to Pennsylvania Since 1993

Here’s what your neighbors have to say.

A Diesel Delivery Partner You Can Trust

The Sauder Fuel Team is here for you!

Sauder Fuel Budget Diesel

Budget Plans

Sauder Fuel’s budget plans allow you to stretch the cost of your diesel payments across the entire year into smaller, manageable payments.

Sauder Fuel Automatic Deliveries

Automatic Deliveries

There’s one less thing for you to keep track of one less thing with automatic diesel deliveries from Sauder Fuel. We’ll make sure you always have the supply you need.

Sauder Fuel Heating and Cooling Service

Heating & Cooling Service

Your business’s diesel deliveries and heating & cooling service, done all in one place! Learn more about HVAC Service from Sauder Fuel.

Get The Diesel Fuel You Need.

Your business relies on dependable diesel deliveries to keep you moving forward. That’s why Sauder Fuel has been serving Pennsylvania with reliable diesel deliveries and top-notch customer service for 30 years.

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