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Diesel Fuel Delivery

Central Pennsylvania is full of mid-size commercial and agricultural operations that depend on heavy machinery for daily use. At Sauder, we understand the importance of prompt, reliable Diesel Fuel delivery to keep your operation producing. This is why so many local organizations trust Sauder Fuel with their Diesel Fuel needs every week. If you have trucks, tractors or other vehicles that require diesel fuel, Sauder Fuel is your best source for this product in Lancaster, Lebanon and Berks counties.

The Diesel Fuel You Need

Sauder offers two different types of diesel fuel; On-road Diesel and Off-road Diesel. Off-road diesel is the type of fuel used to power generators, farm tractors, construction equipment and other heavy-duty machines. The distinguishing characteristic of this off-road diesel is its red color. The red dye in off-road diesel helps set it apart from traditional diesel and prevent illegal use in road vehicles. The difference in pricing between On and Off road is related to taxation. Traditionally, taxes for On-Road Diesel are built into the cost of the fuel. Taxes for Off-Road Diesel depend on the status of the end user. If you have any questions about Diesel Fuel, call our office today. We are happy to help you!

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Automatic Refill

With automatic refill, you never have to worry about running out or having to schedule a delivery. We monitor your consumption, topping off and refilling as necessary, ensuring that you have the fuel you need.