Energy Assistance

Connecting You to Energy Assistance

When you live in Central Pennsylvania, heating is not a luxury — it is a basic human necessity. That is why Sauder Fuel helps connect lower-income households to energy assistance. These programs help prevent  fuel costs from taking up too much of your budget, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable year round.

Get Heating Help

There are a number of places to start when looking for energy assistance. The best starting point is the Pennsylvania Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helps families stay safe and healthy no matter the conditions outside.

  • Berks County: 1-866-215-3911
  • Lancaster County: 717-299-7543
  • Lebanon County: 717-273-1641
  • Lehigh County: 610-821-6509
  • Northampton County: 610-250-1785
  • Schuylkill County: 570-621-3072

Additional organizations that can help you with your winter heating bills include:

Check your local area and specific community for other organizations and programs that can help you stay warm next season. Don’t let next winter set in before you seek out energy assistance. Your safety and comfort through the coldest months of the year are too important.

Contact us today about energy assistance.

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