Heating Oil Prices in Lancaster, PA

Discover reliable and efficient heating oil fuel deliveries in Lancaster, PA.

Sauder Fuel is your hometown source for easy heating oil solutions in Lancaster.

At Sauder Fuel, we take pride in our commitment to providing products and services to our residents for over three decades.

We offer a flexible heating oil delivery service that puts you in control. Whether it’s a regular delivery or an emergency refill, we’ve got you covered, ensuring you always have the fuel you need when you need it.

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Our Lancaster County Heating Oil Delivery Options

Since 1993, Sauder Fuel has provided friendly, consistent service and learned the best ways to keep our Lancaster, PA. customers happy. Sauder Fuel knows how important it is to understand the needs of different groups. With various delivery service options, we can meet the needs of our community.

Automatic Deliveries

Track your heating oil level and schedule a delivery when your tank gets low. Opt for our automatic delivery option and get our no-run-out guarantee.

Will Call Deliveries

Do you want to contact us when you need your heating oil tank filled? Continue to track and manage your deliveries, and call us when you need your fuel. We’ll get you on the schedule if you are located in Lancaster, PA!

Emergency Deliveries

If you use more fuel than you were expecting and happen to run out, we offer emergency deliveries year-round to make sure you’re never left without the fuel you need.

We believe in delivering the best options to meet the needs of your home. When choosing between automatic, will-call, or emergency deliveries, know that a Sauder Fuel Customer Care Specialist is available to walk you through deciding what would work best for you and your home. Schedule your first delivery online, or contact our team to learn more about our services in Lancaster, PA.

Choose Your Budget Plan

As Sauder Fuel, we go beyond offering a variety of delivery methods for your convenience. We understand that flexibility extends to how you pay for your heating oil in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. That’s why we provide personalized payment plans, empowering you to choose the payments that best suit your budget. With our localized pricing options, you can effortlessly manage your expenses while ensuring your home stays warm all year long.

Here is how it works:

Sign Up for a Budget

Our budget plans allow you to stretch fuel payments throughout the year into smaller, easier payments. There’s no additional cost to add a budget plan to your Sauder Fuel account! To add a budget plan to your account, call us or chat with us online today.

Make Smaller Monthly Payments

Take control of your monthly heating oil payments by making monthly payments instead of all at once.

Sit Back and Relax

Have peace of mind- Sit back, relax, and enjoy smaller, controlled payments all year! 

When selecting your budget plan, know that you’ve got options. With 12 predictable payments, you can plan your budget and save money when the temperatures get colder. Add a budget plan to your account by calling us at 717-276-9368 or chatting online today.

Sauder Fuel offers Low Income Energy Assistance in PA to help with energy bills


When selecting your budget plan, know that you’ve got options. With 12 predictable payments, planning your budget and saving money when the temperatures get colder in Amish Country is easier. Add a budget plan to your account now by calling us at 717-276-9368 or chatting with us online today.

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Count on Sauder Fuel to Bring You Warmth

Make Sauder Fuel your first choice for heating oil fuel deliveries in Lancaster, PA. Experience the convenience, reliability, and hometown service that sets us apart. Your comfort is our priority at Sauder Fuel. When choosing a home heating partner, consider Sauder Fuel for timely and professional propane deliveries in Lancaster County, and HVAC system tune-ups and repairs. Get started with heating oil services today by scheduling your first delivery online, or contact our team to learn more about our services available in Lancaster, PA area.

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Sauder Fuel Automatic Refills

Automatic Deliveries

With automatic deliveries, you never have to worry about running out or having to schedule a delivery.

Sauder Fuel Budget Plans

Budget Plans

Spread your fuel cost across the entire year and make payments in smaller increments.

Delivery Area

Serving Lancaster, Lebanon and Berks Counties

Choose Sauder Fuel for kerosene, off-road diesel, regular gas, propane and heating oil delivery in:

  • Sauder Fuel Heating Oil Adamstown
  • Sauder Fuel Heating Oil Denver
  • Sauder Fuel Heating Oil Ephrata
  • Sauder Fuel Heating Oil Sinking Spring
  • Sauder Fuel Heating Oil New Holland
  • Sauder Fuel Heating Oil Lititz
  • Sauder Fuel Heating Oil Manheim
  • Sauder Fuel Heating Oil And the surrounding areas

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Sauder Fuel Has Your Propane Needs Covered.

During a cold Pennsylvania winter, having an unreliable delivery partner means your family could wake up to a cold home. Avoid the chill with Sauder Fuel. We’ve been delivering to customers for 30 years!

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