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Propane Delivery to Keep You Comfortable Year Round

Keeping your tank full and home warm has never been easier.

Sauder Fuel Will Gladly Serve Thrifty Propane Customers

With the recent closing of Thrifty Propane, we understand that their customers are scrambling to find a new supplier for their propane. As such, we want these customers to know that Sauder Fuel will gladly become their new propane supplier. The Sauder Fuel team will ensure you get the propane you need to keep you and your family comfortable.

Thrifty Propane Delivery

Thrifty Propane customers can trust the Sauder Fuel team to reliably delivery their propane. Fill out the form below or feel free to call us and a team member will be in touch to handle your concerns.

Choose the delivery option that works best for you:

Automatic Deliveries

Sauder Fuel will make sure you always have the fuel you need. We keep track of your fuel level and schedule a delivery when your tank is getting low. One less thing for you to worry about!

Will Call Deliveries

If you like to keep track & manage your own deliveries, contact us when you need a fill, and we’ll get you on the schedule.

Emergency Deliveries

If you use more fuel than you were expecting and run out, we provide emergency deliveries year-round to make sure you’re never left without the fuel you need.

Always Having The Propane You Need Is Simple

Place Your Order

Give us a call to order your next delivery or order online. The choice is yours!

Receive Your Delivery

One of our friendly delivery drivers will make your delivery within a few days.

Have Peace of Mind

Know you’ll always have the fuel you need. Our team is just a phone call away if you need us.

Sauder Fuel Has Been Delivering Propane To Pennsylvania Since 1993

Here’s what your neighbors have to say.

A Propane Delivery Partner You Can Trust

The Sauder Fuel Team is here for you!

Sauder Fuel Propane

Budget Plans

Sauder Fuel’s budget plans allow you to stretch the cost of your fuel payments across the entire year into smaller, more manageable payments.

Sauder Fuel Automatic Deliveries

Automatic Deliveries

There’s one less thing for you to keep track of with automatic deliveries from Sauder Fuel. We’ll make sure you always have the fuel you need.

Sauder Fuel Heating and Cooling Service

Heating & Cooling Service

Our team of HVAC experts is here to provide service on all of your home’s heating & cooling equipment. Learn more about HVAC service from Sauder Fuel.

Sauder Fuel Has Your Propane Needs Covered.

During a cold Pennsylvania winter, having an unreliable delivery partner means your family could wake up to a cold home. Avoid the chill with Sauder Fuel. We’ve been delivering to customers for 30 years!

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