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Experience A New Peace of Mind

There is plenty to worry about from season to season without stressing over your fuel supply. At Sauder Fuel, we work hard to create a customer experience that is easy and enjoyable. A big part of this exceptional customer experience is our automatic refill program. More and more people are taking advantage of our automatic refill program because of the benefits it provides. With automatic refill, you never have to worry about running out or having to schedule a delivery. We monitor your consumption, topping off and refilling as necessary. This ensures that you have the fuel you need, even during harsh winter weather.

Anticipating Your Needs

When you sign up for our automatic refill plan, we set you up in our advanced forecasting software, which accurately tracks your demand for fuel and automatically schedules your tank for delivery as needed. Experts at Sauder monitor these forecasts to ensure your tank never runs out. Instead of worrying about your tank levels, you can spend your time and energy on much more important things than your fuel!

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